What can LinkedIn Do for Your Blog?

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LinkedIn is a professional social network platform that allows you to gain new [and rekindle past] professional relationships all over the world. To a blogger, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for you to share your content.

LinkedIn currently has over 364 million registered members and brings a lot of referral traffic to your blog that might not have been easy to find in the world of search. But that’s not all LinkedIn can do for your blog.

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level, keep reading.

Amplify your blog with the click of a “like” button.

Networking is a method you can use to promote your blog and increase your audience. Not only are you promoting your blog to a directly connected audience on LinkedIn, but you’re also reaching their connections, as well. Every time you share a new blog post on LinkedIn, there’s a good chance that your connections may up end up hitting that all-powerful “like” button on your post.

Once a connection hits the “like” button that automatically amplifies your blog to their connections and can introduce your blog to a whole audience, too.

Finding inspiration in the least likely place.

All writers can hit a dry spell or hit the proverbial “wall”; it’s a place where doing any constructive writing can be tough.

However, even in these tough times – there’s good news! It may not sound like the place to find inspiration, but LinkedIn can help you find an unexpected creative muse for your blog anytime you need it.

LinkedIn offers you the ability to join countless groups that may spark your interest. In groups, you can create discussion with members by simply asking a question or collaborating on projects that can lead to future blog posts. Most importantly, LinkedIn’s groups may offer you an chance to create future guest blogging opportunities.

Create a visual and interactive presence for your blog.

Have you ever wanted to give your blog post a more visual presence? Have you thought about adding infographics or videos, but shrugged it off because it may be too much of a hassle?

One of my favorite tools that I’ve come across is the Slideshare web app. This app allows you to create and share a slideshow with your connections by either sharing it via social networks or embedding it on your post to give it that extra added asset to help it stand out above the crowd.

It’s okay to be exclusive… with content.

With LinkedIn being one of the most powerful networking platforms on the web, why wouldn’t’t you want to use your blog writing experience to write great content on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers a “publish a post” feature on your profile. This is a great way to share blog posts on LinkedIn and also the fastest way to reach any audience in real time. If you need another reason to write content just for LinkedIn, here you go:

And finally…

Just remember: LinkedIn is not only a powerful networking tool, but it’s also a great way to promote and generate new traffic to your blog. It can open up opportunities for guest blogging appearances and help give your blog a visual presence and stand out.

The next time you promote your blog, remember to try these tips to gain the most traffic out of your blog.

Are you a blogger who’s used LinkedIn? What are some of the ways you’ve found that LinkedIn has given your blog a boost in terms of readership or visibility? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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