Creating Pinterest Secret Boards 101

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Have you ever wanted to pin something on Pinterest but not share it with everyone just yet? Ever wish to create boards around future ideas or articles —  maybe a special occasion or even a vision board for your business on Pinterest — but keep it under wraps? Well, now you can create those boards and keep them to yourself with Pinterest Secret Boards.

These long-awaited boards allow users to create “secret” boards in which are hidden from the public eye and followers. This feature allows users to pin anything, at any time, privately. When these boards were first unveiled in November of 2012, users were only allowed three secret boards at time.  This number slowly rose to six and now, they are unlimited.

Why You Should Be Creating Pinterest Secret Boards

You may be wondering, what are secret boards and how bloggers and journalists can benefit from them? I know I’ve asked myself that very same question, so let me tell you why this is something you should be capitalizing on. More than likely, your goal is to get exposure to your blog/brand or even market your images, which leads to traffic to your site. There are several ways your blog, website, etc. can benefit from using Pinterest’s secret boards.

First, let’s start with how to create Pinterest secret boards. The process is fairly simple and Pinterest offers two ways to do this. The first and simplest way is once you’re logged in to your account, scroll down to the bottom of your profile and click the option create a secret board. The second option would be to click the create a new board icon and in the settings make sure the board is set to secret. Once you’ve established the board(s) you’ve created are now secret you can then add pins. These boards and pins will not show up anywhere other than those specific boards until they’ve been made public.


Once you’re ready for the boards to go-live, you can then set your boards to “make public,” which will launch the entirety of the board and its pins all at once. Secret boards are great, especially around the holidays because you can then plan these boards in advance. This gives you opportunity to plan ahead and properly optimize each of the boards and their images. 


Pinterest secret boards can be a great place to collaborate and condense all your ideas in one place, without notifying anyone of what’s to come. Keep in mind though, existing public boards cannot be made private because others may have already repinned from that board.

Happy Pinning!

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